Ministry of Health ‘Adopt a Clinic’


Quality Healthcare for a Healthy Nation

A healthy society matters to the VM Group. The VM Foundation’s support of The Ministry of Health’s ‘Adopt a Clinic’ programme is a testament of our promise to contribute to programmes aimed at increasing access to held care.

Adopt a Clinic’s primary objective is to have Jamaicans to take responsibility for their health at a primary level before they have a need to get to the hospitals. The main thrust of the programme is to refurbish and upgrade clinics across the island to ensure that patients get quality care in a professional setting.

To date, the VM Foundation has formally adopted the St Jago Park Health Centre in Spanish Town, St Catherine.

VMF is also using its network in the diaspora to mobilise and educate them on the objectives of the programmes, giving them a platform to give back to a primary health care facilities in their communities. As of June 2018, VM Members and their friends and family in the in Jamaica and the United Kingdom make donations to the Adopt a Clinic Fund that will be administered by the VM Foundation.

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